A walk a la Etienne


[2012/04/04 07:14]  Etienne Adonicus  made his way through the streets of Ar, some women tried to get his attention when they poked eachother and whispered about him. “That is The Etienne.” they whispered as the mere fact he was indeed Etienne made their hearts race. Conversations about companions that might need to spend their coin in his shop might even be heard. His own attention is with the slave in the cage. Or well more to her hair.

[2012/04/04 07:16]  Melinda felt the eyes of a gawker on her. she turns her shoulder away from him. glancing backwards and pushing to eye contat. showing she wasnt shy to. she kept silent. narrowing her gaze. then looked away.

[2012/04/04 07:19]  Etienne Adonicus  didn’t seem to note any of it while his hand was lifted to his lips and he tapped it in thought “Not a moment to soon.” he mused as if the mere thought of the way the girls hair was treated he believed to be needed in Ar. His level of expertise was beyond anyones comprehension. The love for beauty in some views odd, but than again it wouldn’t be a first that a certain style made it into fashion. The high heeled boots, to camoflage his height as if he was similar to the artist formerly known as Prince and the extravagant coat of fur on that perhaps betrayed his wealth. And as others passed him and whispered he seemed to pay no heed to them. He was used to it. With that he continued his way.

[2012/04/04 07:37]  Gaia : “Yes.. yes.. yes!!”, the short loud cries of agreement were prompted by her one palm slapping at the counter now, narrowly missing the sharp side of the knife as the slave girl took everything he had to give — he was like the same knife she just used not too long ago, viciously slicing at her flesh over and over until her entire body was ablaze and buzzing with unbearable tension clamoring for relief. And only him can give her that sublime height when he was good and ready. By the sound of his breathing and the short strokes making her almost insane with pleasure, she knew it won’t be long before her thighs would become the silken roads for his seed. The chopped vegetables joined each other; becoming a colorful disarray as his thrusts became more rapid, forcing her to keep breathing through her mouth and her hands to cling to the edges until her knuckles whitened and her knees banged noisily on some jars laid out over the low shelves.

[2012/04/04 07:42]  Etienne Adonicus  proceeded the buzzes of whispers in the street. Women blushed if he gave them a little nod of his head while others would point to his coat or boots. In itself his presence was perhaps a little odd – foreign – but than again such was with fashion. Things that might seem odd could be the next fashion thing and it wouldn’t be a first that ladies or men would wear the clothes a seamstress had tailored to his wishes. The paces of a man that knew what he wanted and most of the time would get it too. A glance in the inn to see if there were familiar faces only reminded him that he had seen to many that he didn’t even could recall their names. Perhaps in the crowd were women that still felt the leashes of their companions on their back as they learned of where they had spend their coin. Still his skill couldn’t be ignored, he was good at what he did and he did it with passion. A casual glance into the kitchen only made him smirk. “No moment to soon.” he mused – and with it one could guess were his gaze had been

[2012/04/04 07:44]  Jerek  reached out with his right palm to grasp the counter and before long the knuckles became pale from their grip. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a figure looming behind and he called out in quite a pleasure gasp, “The shark fin soup is very potent. I suggest you try a bowl!” and then the hand dropped and made for her weeping slit, fingering the swollen nub; his silent affirmation that she might join him after their quick and strenuous labor. One last thrust all the way to the hilt sent him over the edge and he lurched forwards as vegetables rolled and fell to the floor. He grimaced in release and shuddered violently against her battered rear.

[2012/04/04 07:47]  Etienne Adonicus  laughs “Potent indeed.” he said after giving another look, since his first had only been to their hair. When vegtables rolled over the floor, he tried to evade them – he didn’t wish to stain his new boots. The high heels only there to disguise his small height. He simply continued his way while a hand casually brushed his hair. Suddenly remembering he had left – His Bag – and suddenly felt naked without it. He headed directly back to his Salon.


Back to Ar


[2012/04/03 08:32]  Etienne Adonicus pointed to some slaves that carried bags and cases “I think the Inn is there.” he suggested “Untill I settle that has to do.” he tells them. The slaves (NPC) seemed to be choosen by size as he himself wasn’t a very tall fellow. The fact their asses were exposed something he enjoyed. “No no …” he said with a pitched voice as if something was tight “I will go there later.” with that he watched them go smirking to himself.


[2012/04/03 08:34]  Puppet stared at the man whi slipped into the city, her eyes a bit wide, perplexed to say the least as her brow furrows and she actually reaches a hand out to try and touch that amazing fur coat….


[2012/04/03 08:35]  Eryica Having been in the inn she saw the approach of a crowd of slaves carrying luggage and she points them to the counter until a room had been settled and looked about seeing the Master remained outside and a lovely Mistress in dark robes she approached melting to the floor her skin dark a stark contrast to the tattoos she was decorated with. “Tal Master, Tal Mistress. Welcome to The Soaring Tarn.”


[2012/04/03 08:35]  Etienne Adonicus turned on his feet “Ah … and what a welcoming committee … I can only guess as to why ” he stated quite arrogantly. “You all have been waiting for Etienne have you not … hmmm…” he was indeed the kind that knew his name proceeded before him. “The Famous Etienne.” he had indeed made fortune by his trade and with it flaunted it around as if he was some Ubar. “So … where can I find the Ubara ?” he asks.


[2012/04/03 08:37]  Eryica   Hearing the Master her teeth bit into her lip having never seen the Ubara of Ar herself she lowered her eyes. ‘I am sorry Master i have not left the inn long enough to know that.”


[2012/04/03 08:38]  Puppet   drew her hand back fast at the mans words…her brow knitting as she stared at him..”waiiittt…your that Hairdresser! My Mother used to adore you…my father thought you were a tad..umm..but my Mother…Oh she convinced my father to let you do her hair, he finally caved in and gave her the coin, I swear when she came back it was five pasangs tall..Thought my father was going to hunt you down and strangle you..”okay, now she was running her mouth and she quickly covered it


[2012/04/03 08:42]  Etienne Adonicus nodded to the eager slave “Well ensure my bags are stored in my chamber … I do hope they have changed to drapings since last. I never did like the green ones they had.” he was particular when it came to colours. He turns to Puppet and perked a brow “Your mother … and who might she be ?” he asks. He smirks at the comments about her father. It wasn’t a first he had seen fellows come to him in rage for his magic. “Ah well girl … it comes with the job hmmm… ” with that he winked noting her own hair and with it his hand moved towards it as to tilt her chin so he had a good look upon it.


[2012/04/03 08:46]  Puppet  “ She was a slaver in…”her voice fell away…the woman was not really her mother, and for a moment she faltered…her chin tilting up as her soft red locks finally having grown back from being shaved clean off swept around her face…her hair was that rare orange red, that some of the men of the north boasted. ” uh…she..was a slaver in koRaBa..”she mummbles. Adopted…mother


[2012/04/03 08:46]  Eryica would make sure they were put behind the counter in fact that was where his slaves had put them until a room was settled with her Mistress. They would be safe there as she was new to the inn and her Mistress would know what to do.


[2012/04/03 08:48]  Etienne Adonicus released the girl and turned to the veiled women “Oh but girls … what is this ?!” he said in outrage “Where have the times of wigs gone … ” he sighs. “Either way … the Ubara.”


[2012/04/03 08:49]  Eryica tried to imagine wigs, not sure exactly what they were because even as a child in the wagon camps no one had worn such things. Her copper hair moved in the wind as she kept her green eyes down. ‘Perhaps she is in the gardens near her home Master? I have never seen the Mistress Ubara before.’


[2012/04/03 08:51]  Etienne Adonicus nodded to the slave while he tapped his foot as in thinking. “My guess is the central cylinder.” he smirks and than turned “I will explore first. It has been a while.” he said while he puffed some of his locks out of his face.


[2012/04/03 08:56]  Etienne Adonicus looks in the shop “A good mirror some nice colourful drapes and I am in business.”he mused.


[2012/04/03 08:57]  Etienne Adonicus turning to the lady “And who might you be ?” he asks – assuming that he was well known himself. Which was of course the case. Men searched him to beat him up for what he had done to their companions and women seemed to adore him.


[2012/04/03 09:00]  Julia Domna Probus  turned then and regarded the man. She had been daydreaming and caught doing it so a bit flustered. “Tal Sir,” she tried to sound haughty but it was so not Julia. “I am Lady Julia Domna, House of Probus, Scribe.” Her eyes gazed at your hair first to your jacket, the scarf, the pink bag, then back to your face. “You are new to Ar, Sir” was all she was able to say for the moment.


[2012/04/03 09:03]  Etienne Adonicus nearly choked “New to Ar … hardly, girl.” he replied. The way he spoke seemed to be as if it was just natural to call them such, no real ill was behind it. “I am Etienne – The Etienne and have traveled as many desire my scissors. I have done my work and have choosen to return to my home stone.” he narrowed his eyes “And from the little time I have returned I can see I am not an ihn to late.” he shook his head as to give his locks some air “Per chance do you have some influence … I would like to have an audience with the Ubara, She must be dying to meet me.” he turned to the wall as to messure the space for the mirror and such.


[2012/04/03 09:05]  Julia Domna Probus   “Etienne.” She repeated your name several times, as if it meant something more to her. But she had heard what you called her. She lowered her walking stick quickly to the stones with a whack, as if she saw a rodent and was trying to smash it. “I have not been a girl in a very long time.”


[2012/04/03 09:08]  Etienne Adonicus pushes her in the chair placing his bag on the counter and opened it to find his silver scissors. He lifted them up and snapped them several times to give it that sound of cutting. “You haven’t ?” he asks to the latter “Behind all these veils must be a gorgeos woman.” he complimented he knew how to win a womens heart.


[2012/04/03 09:10]  Julia Domna Probus   saw the chair, and mirror and the eyes above her veil brightened. “Ah, a hair stylist, I thought your name was familiar to me.” She grasped her head covering, lest the man try to remove it. “I would like to be your first customer, when your shop is set up, but not today.” She rose as if she was nervous for some reason. “Some high caste women wear our hair very short and wear wigs. I don’t suppose you work with wigs?”


[2012/04/03 09:13]  Etienne Adonicus smiles “Ah … a girl to my heart !” he exclaimed “I feared at the mere enterance of getting back that such was no longer allowed. Where did time go … But of course wigs are still my work.” he leans in closer as if to share some secret “I once was tasked with having a hairdo with a cage in it. Some Ubara .. wished to express her feeling with it. I even used gems to addorn it.” he smirks “The Ubara was in clouds with it and some say she even wore it to bed, much to dislike of the Ubar of course.”


[2012/04/03 09:15]  Julia Domna Probus   tried not to laugh. She was charmed. “Our Ubara will know of you today. But alas I have much work to do.” She moved a few steps to the door. “The Ubara will not come here. If she summons you it will be to her private chambers.” She said this in almost a whisper. “I wish you well Sir.”