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A murder


Etienne couldn’t remember the times he had been faced with a jealous man, but this time the well-pedicured brow remained up in what might be seen as fear. “No need to draw that, gent.” He said with that high pitched voice of his. He felt himself step backwards and felt the first step of the spa behind him. “I mean … I didn’t really fuck her or anything.” He quickly added In hope the man wouldn’t be going in the direction he feared.

“Who says it is about a woman ?” the man asked while the darkness of night veiled his face with that sense of mystery.

Etienne shook his head as if he tried to reason “Well what is this about then ? You want money ?” he asks while he felt his foot slip into the water.  He however didn’t dare to curse or step forward. The man before him seemed to be determined to corner him and he of course only armed with his charm had nothing to defend himself with.

“What this is about is of no importance anymore. The gold already paid for.” The man said to him with a voice that held little clues as to who or why he was here.

Etienne looked up in shock and started to giggle because of the nerves that seemed to rage through him “You aren’t an Assassin.  You wear red not black, nor have I seen a mark.” he countered “Next to it I can pay more, I assure you.” His body seemed to be out of balance so he moved his other foot next to the one that was already wet from the spa.

“Perhaps we can sit down and have this conversation somewhere else, hmm ?” he suggested, but his voice seemed to lack the sureness that most knew him with.
The man didn’t speak but simply moved the blade of his gladius up so the tip would aim right at the man’s throat. “You want to spill your blood in the pool ?” he asks dryly  while he made another step forward.

Etienne tried to see what ways he had left to escape this. His hands were sweaty and the feathers of his scarf were now sticking to his face. On moments like these – being fashionable was more of a curse than anything else. “Please ?” he seemed to ask the man when the tip of the blade seemed to catch the light of the torch he had placed in the little garden.  To step further backwards would clearly mean him ending up defenceless in the water, but there was no alternative for him to go. He glanced backwards and was about to dive into the water when the blade moved with what seemed to be deadly precision.

In one quick charge the throat of Etienne had been sliced and the blood that flowed from him, mixed with the water of the pool. He felt himself fall backwards in to the water were he would die of his loss of blood. There was no scream for help only the splash of him falling into the water.

The man that had been able to enter the establishment had done for what he came and threw a ribbon into the room.  The red ribbon the only thing he left besides the body of the Gor famous hairdresser Etienne Adonicus.

Was this a well-planned assassination ? Was this a man that went insane and wished to make fame with killing someone famous ? Was this the only victim or would it be ? Who would find the hairdresser and more importantly figure the ribbon of significance ? Who had done it and why ?