Pillow talk …




[2012/04/23 17:34]  Etienne Adonicus  made an entrance and he did it with the grandeur of being Gor famous. He was of course – many requested his – art – and even on the way over here he had been detained by others as to have some advice on a hairdo, a pale taint of skin or some colour of a dress. The velvet he wore was of an exquisite quality and the tarn feathers on his rather odd hat costed a small fortune. He was shameless when it came to his wealth. “Ah … greetings greetings !!” he said as if he everyone would and should know him to be here.


[2012/04/23 17:36]  Lalla lifted her head and waved happily to Etienne. “Tal and Welcome Sir.” Her own hairdo which had taken hours looked much like a hat but was in fact a HUGE wig that she put on especially for this occasion. Her dress of course was close to being “too much” even for an entertainer. She waved her hand to the slaves [npc] that they would be ready to serve drinks when the greetings were finished.


[2012/04/23 17:37]  Xamirus Mannix reaches under to secretly find Lalla’s leg beneath her Frufru when he hears the call and looks up, recognizing the man immediately as his contact “Well well, Master Adonicus. It seems out paths have finally crossed” he holds his own moustache as he admires Etiennes and nods his approval to him “Do join us if you an ehn. I believe you are familiar with my companion Lalla are you not?”


[2012/04/23 17:40]  Etienne Adonicus  bowed his head to the man “Finally good Sir. The banker I presume or should I say the Minister hmmm ?” he turns to Lalla and smiled to the lady who he recognized “Oh by the good graces … what an excellent piece of art !” he complimented her. “That could have been one of mine …but then I might have used some gems here and there.” he would take a seat while flipping his cloak behind him. This was quite a challenge – since he was wearing extreme high heels to camouflage his lack of height and sitting down so low needed some balance. But all for the good of the cause. If you wanted to play – you needed to look like it too – was one of his motto’s. “I am very very pleased to meet … I hope you got my missive … not the pillows but the one about the Salon ?”


[2012/04/23 17:44]  Lalla looked at Etienne with admiration, and her eyes twinkled watching every movement of the man, thinking him truly splendid. But all it took was the soft fumble of fingers beneath the table and her eyes turned to her free companion, filled with adoration, gushing you might say with her love for him. She kept silent allowing for their business talk and waved to the slaves, having them bring various drinks to the table, tea but also a bottle of select wine, various pastries, and bowls of fresh, washed fruit.


[2012/04/23 17:46]  Xamirus Mannix takes note of the fineries the man is dawning, paying special attention to his cloak upon which he stares as he responds to him smiling “Banker, Minister, so many titles, I hope you will simply call me friend and due time. In regards to your missive, indeed receive it.” He grabs a pastry from the table and stuffs half of it into his mouth, chewing as he goes on ” I am eager to hear more details of it. But firstly let me thank you for those exquisite pillows, you are showing an access to a range of fabrics that have escaped me somehow” he swallows the pastry and passes the half eaten piece to Lalla as he reaches for another one “Tell me about your Salon, what is your plan and how can I help?”


[2012/04/23 17:51]  Etienne Adonicus  would only accept tea and when a slave offered sugar or honey he declined. “Such is terrible for my skin, slave … do not ever try to tempt me again.” he then took one of the pastries – which perhaps contained even more sugar and started to eat from it too. His eyes were dark but showed a good humoured man that had been around. “Ah the pillows … yes on request of the lady Stela. They are excellent for – rough nights – if you get my drift.” he turns to Lalla “No offence of course !” he said in understanding to her station – even if he considered women all to be slaves – he never had harmed one. “But yes the Salon … well in truth .. my parents owned large pieces of estates in Ar for centuries. Of course in time things were destroyed by senseless wars and all and with it the Salon that I used to own didn’t seem to be there anymore. I have taken a small space in the market and want it registered to my name. Of course such ownership will be compensated.” he took the cup and with a pinky finger sipped.


[2012/04/23 17:55]  Lalla : “Oh yes those pillows!” she remarked, lovely really.” She watched with awe as Xamirus shoveled the food into his mouth. Her eyes went to his chubby waist. He grew handsomer by the day she thought. She looked back to Etienne, “rough nights? Stela has those, but she is not companioned…” she caught herself and brought her hand up to her mouth to stifle a laugh perhaps. She listened as if entranced now by Etienne’s story of his family, and heard ‘large estates.’ “Ah, this explains how you come to be so cultured, Etienne.” She turned pushing more pastries in Xamirus direction, gesturing to the custard filled ones.


[2012/04/23 17:59]  Xamirus Mannix replaces the piece of pastry that he was about to gorge and turns serious, a mix of intrigue and posturing. He smiles to Lalla and removes a small, plain copper jar from his belt, setting it on the table and opening it quickly with the same hand. Taking his time in silence he dips one index finger into the salve and then the other, rubbing them then against his thumbs in tiny circles. He carefully applies the light colored, honey like paste under his nose and smooths it out over his moustache, twisting the ends tightly. Having said nothing for some time now he moves slowly still, closing the jar and putting it away then finally looking at Etienne, with a big smile. “Your name sounded familiar but I could not place it. I myself have clouded roots to my past in the city as well, but let’s get serious. You require a loan? or a partner? I prefer the latter” he stares at the man as coldly as he can master, squinting and keeping his eyes locked on him.


[2012/04/23 18:02]  Etienne Adonicus  perked a brow at Lalla “I am not privy to her nights, girl. But isn’t like she had them delivered to her, hmmm..” he said with a wink – betraying that the woman indeed had done so. “Oh but no no … I guess that comes from my many travels. I have been requested in many regions. You name it and I have been there. The north for some upper Jarl to have his beard trimmed to have him look more fierce as to the Tahari region for some chain of slaves that needed their hair braided. My craft is a rare one and if you are any good often searched.” he turns to Xamirus and his index finger moved over his well pedicured brow “Ah … a man to my heart – the latter of course and since you are a banker some good place for some of my valuables.” with that he winked to Lalla “gifts … and of course my life savings.” the cold look seemed to be completely ignored or did he only feign such to his own benefit ?


[2012/04/23 18:05]  Lalla nodded to every word that Etienne spoke, he was like a pied piper but instead of rats it was the ‘girls’ of ar who followed him about. She laid her hand delicately on the table near Xamirus, her fingertips just touching his skin. “Such a wonderful thing, a business venture with this genius of a man, well…” she paused laughing very softly, “between two geniuses really.” With these soft words she gave her own blessing to any relationship that might come of this. “Would this mean I might get a small discount when I have my own hair done, Etienne?” She lifted a dark delicate eyebrow as she said this.


[2012/04/23 18:11]  Xamirus Mannix is visibly aggravated this time at the talk about Stela’s possible behaviour, his veins pulsing at his temples as he stares at the table. He softens as Lalla’s finger touches his and he tunes in again to here her praise and last comment to the eccentric man. He looks at Lalla and smiles, offering the same smile to Etienne “I will tell you right away I am very interested. I have a great appreciation for artistry, and your reputation is saturated with just that. You may have heard of David Girilius, he is the finest jeweller and silversmith in Ar, like Gor. He is a member of my house. He puts his arm over Lalla’s and looks at her again lovingly, staring at her “The finest musician, poet and entertainer sits here before you, and she is Mannix. I can go on and on, but I think my point is clear. Sir you artistry has lead you to some fame and fortune, but your mercantile sense has brought you to your final destination. The one that shall lead you to your true destiny. I propose more than a partnership”


[2012/04/23 18:13]  Etienne Adonicus  spreads his arms “But by the good graces. I will not hear it … Consider your appointment already set and paid for if this will come to a success. If of course you allow.” with that he turned to Xamirus “I will make your companion a fashion statement of Ar. By the Priest does Ar need such … !!” he claimed. “Truly I came not a moment to soon, truly all those women ruining their hair with the most terrible veils while hair needs to breath.” he chuckles “Oh forgive me … I can get at times a little carried away, but than again Beauty is Art and Art is passion.” when Xamirus spoke he perked a brow. He could start with some humbleness but he wasn’t the man for such. “Ah yes David – my order already stands with the man.” he replied and then chipped “More ?”


[2012/04/23 18:16]  Lalla said “More?” at the same time Etienne did, almost like an echo. She laughed at how that happened. “I am sure whatever you offer will be very generous.” She said her voice soft to her companion. She turned then waving to the slaves to come wipe up the crumbs, and replace what was delivered with fresh. She herself sat not eating or drinking, simply listening and she touched her veil. “I could not agree with you more Etienne, I *detest* veils, and grew up without them.” She lowered her voice, sighing, “but lately there has been unrest in Ar, and some men will arrest for every little thing, so I wear it.”


[2012/04/23 18:20]  Xamirus Mannix takes several pieces of fruit off the table and tosses them into his mouth listening with a grin on the talk of veils and hair. His words are muffled as he tries to swallow and speak at once “If we enter into a standard partnership I will ask to take hold of a sizable amount of your assets in trust. I will have to meddle and keep track of things with a diligence that would likely bog down your creativity and with the large fee you will have to pay to repay your debt, it will take time for profits to be seen, however…As a member of my house I can afford you much more freedom, much more support and unlock the resources of my holdings in your favour. I am always in search of the rare, and the lucrative. ” he smiles as he reaches to Lalla and tries to take her hand “I only need see a gem once to know its value”


[2012/04/23 18:23]  Etienne Adonicus  wasn’t a very violent man but now slammed his hand on the table – and hurt himself more than he would dare to admit or show “How dare they !” he replied to Lalla “I guess young boys that still think they need to prove themselves with such petty things.” he said “Tut tut tut … truly … ” still his interest was very much taken by Xamirus and what he wished to propose. Often many didn’t give him the credit for his keen and sharp mind, something he used to his own benefit. Let them think him a fool while he would get away with almost anything since none ever suspected him. “Member of the House and with this wonderful girl in it … how could I say no to such !” he said winking yet again. Than his eyes glint and his face turns to Xamirus “I could use some help with some of the things that I might find in your house. I would be honoured to venture into such a high esteem one. Truly honoured.” and it was true. The reputation of the house had reached him.  Etienne Adonicus  had of course heard all kind of gossip when his clientele seated in his chair. What was true or a lie – mattered little – to him it was name and fame.


[2012/04/23 18:26]  Lalla was beaming beneath her veil. She nodded approvingly as Etienne slammed his hand down and she reached out to steady the tea pot and a few places that leaped up dancing practically at the motion on the table. “Girls,” she said softly. “Splendid!” she cried hearing Etienne’s agreement. “I am so so very pleased.” She slid her foot under the table to press gently against Mannix’ thigh.


[2012/04/23 18:30]  Xamirus Mannix wipes his mouth and looks back and forth between Lalla and Etienne as he sets his hands on the table and swallows the last bit of food in his mouth. His face turns serious and for a very brief instance shows anger, preceding a smile that sent blood rushing to his head and could easily be mistaken for unbridled joy “The Lady Lalla is indeed a member, as is the honourable Lady Razi whom I see you are familiar with. There is of course the small difference that a partnership is limited in term and negotiable. ” He looks directly at Etienne again, holding his smile “Where as what I’m offering is neither negotiable, nor limited to any number of lives. Barring disgrace or expulsion, and forgive me for being so blunt, but you realize sir I am asking you to spill you blood. To join it with ours. Even in death, you will be Mannix”


[2012/04/23 18:35]  Etienne Adonicus  was very much aware that this was serious business. But his business was growing above his head. The fights before his shop were a constant bother and the paper work was dreadful. To be part of the House could at least spare him some of such worries. He took a deep breath of air and held it in pause before he would exhale and nodded “I wish to join the House and understand that I will have to offer my part in it and would do of course such. I doubt anyone has ever called me but generous so I am sure we can reach terms when it comes to the negotiations. If you wish me to spill blood I have to warn you though.” with that again he paused “I am a man of art. I can turn an ugly woman to a sight to behold. It wouldn’t be a first that an Initiate gave up his celibacy for something I have created.” he then suddenly admitted “I faint at the sight of blood though.” he sighs.


[2012/04/23 18:38]  Lalla coughed, “It is your artistic sensibilities Etienne that make you so, your blue blood so to speak coming out in not being able to hand the sight of horrors. You must always be surrounded by beauty!” She glanced at her free companion as she spoke, she knew how important that part of the agreement was. “I am sure if you had to, you could hold a hair pin and handle it with your eyes closed couldn’t you?” her voice was a soft plea. She herself waved her hands about as she spoke her frufru fluttering in the breezes of the tea house.


[2012/04/23 18:48]  Xamirus Mannix smiles proudly but shakes his head no and maintains a serious momentum to the tone of the discussion “You honour me with your pledging, there is no pain in the ceremony but the Blade of Mannix but must be used or it simply is not valid. I promise you won’t feel a thing. Not for long anyways” he nods and looks at Lalla smiling, noticing how she tried to comfort the man’s fears and looks at Etienne again “Master Adronicus. Etienne” he reaches his arm out towards him to shake and leans towards him “I accept your pledge with this shake of arms in honour of the old ways that you intend with all your heart to bring profit and honour to my house, while exponentially multiplying your own. Therefore, as I said before, be in charity one with another, like brother and brother; love, dread, and serve the Priest Kings to which I, as your house head, and sovereign caretaker, exhort and dually require you. I doubt not, but that love and league, shell echo the tales of our profits to come. We have a deal?”


[2012/04/23 18:51]  Lalla looked at Etienne anxiously. “It is only a tiny cut and will be over quickly!” her voice sounded urgent, “really it takes but a second you can look elsewhere, or pinch yourself.” She made several suggestions. “It is quite worth the inconvenience and I so would like to see you in our family.” She moved uneasily on her cushion.


[2012/04/23 18:52]  Etienne Adonicus  turns to Lalla and smiled “Oh but of course – it is in my nature and my legacy. I do not wish to entertain myself with plainness. Beauty is art and art is passion. We Goreans should celebrate it every day to its fullest.” in that he was dead serious. When Xamirus offered his arm he would take it and give it a firm grip – for as far he was capable of such “We sure do !” he said while his eyes glint of pleasure “I am honoured most honoured and as I have none that benefit of my work – I am most pleased to have it now at the Mannix House !” he was truly pleased and snapped to the slaves “Some of the finest wines – such needs to be celebrated.” he ordered as if it was the equivalent of the most expensive champagne on earth.


[2012/04/23 18:57]  Xamirus Mannix lifts his cup of tea over his head and looks around the table “A cheer to the future. We shall celebrate in kind when the time is right, and we shall both Lalla and I be regular visitors to your talents. I have been considering a little refreshment of my appearance myself. I shall have some documents sent to you immediately. Once the details are settled. We shall put the proper amount of planning and gold into your Salon, and make sure it is the finest on all of Gor, in matching of your talents!” he nods pleased and slams his hand down against the table zealously “Sadly I must make my leave, work is life is it not? Please feel free to stay and enjoy yourselves.” looks at Lalla “I shall see you before long my love. I must attend a collection from some degenerate gamblers that won’t hold me up too long”


[2012/04/23 18:59]  Lalla lifted a goblet of water that one of the slaves had left there, “Cheers to Mannix House and all of its people. May they grow together, May they thrive!” Her eyes twinkled at Etienne. “It is a proud day for the House!”


[2012/04/23 19:00]  Etienne Adonicus  chuckles and then nods “On that note … I have to see to some myself. I can’t have the girls waiting .. they might ruin the Salon as we speak.” he bowed deep his courtesy “I will await the papers and the time in which we will cheer hmm !! ” the smiled to Lalla “I is my honour !! And will be done with effort.”








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