The trail of paper


As Etienne learned that to have a business needs documentation in the Central Cylinder he has requested an audience with the Lady Julia. The beautiful girl Blush had been so kind to relay the message but unfortunately he received word back from Lady Julia that made clear this wasn’t going to be easy.

To Etienne, Hairdresser and Merchant of Ar
From: Lady Julia Domna, House of Probus, Scribe.

It has come to my attention through one slave named Blush, that you are inquiring about paperwork for your business.

Might I suggest that you speak with David, the Silversmith, as he is the Minister in charge of such things.  After speaking with him about your business, if you still feel that you want a deed or business entity document, please visit me at the Central Cylinder.

Lady Julia, Scribe of Ar.

With this note in hand he tried to find the Minister in his shop, but again he seemed to be without luck. The man was nowhere in sight and with it he left the man a note.

[05:37]  Etienne Adonicus took a deep breath of air and noted the rarius on the bench “Ah good man … enjoying the early morning sun are we ?” he asks chuckling a little while he brushed down the velvet of his coat.

[05:39]  Noctis Aura raises his head to see a free standing in front of him and nods with a polite smile on his face”Tal free,yes,few rest for my bones until the duty calls me again”he simply says

[05:41]  Etienne Adonicus nodded “I am sure duty calls constantly … a man needs his relaxation.” he replied while he adjusted his sleeve. “So good man … A rarius that I can see … From a long respectable family, house ?” he asks curious. He assumed the man knew of him. He was afterall the Gor famous Beauty Artist.

[05:43]  David Girilius: “Etienne,” the smith said from just outside the shadow of the alley, inclining his head towards the man.

[05:44]  Noctis Aura he stands up and nods tapping his heart”Yes a rarius from this city”smiles”Noctis from the Aura house”greetings with a slightly nod of his head then gaze curiously at the man clothes “I have the pleasure to speak with?”

[05:45]  Etienne Adonicus turned to the voice “Ah .. the minister !!” he said in pleasure “Just the man I was looking for.” he turned to Noctis and perked a well pedicured brow. “You face the Gor famous Etienne of Ar … THE specialist when it comes to beauty.” he tells him. He shook his head a little amused and turned back to David “Do you have some time for a humble Beauty artist, good man ?” he asks David. The irony hmm.

[05:46]  David Girilius: His voice was low and raspy as he spoke, his movements stiff. “Aye. I’ll be in your shop.” He nodded at the man, and turned to head in that direction.

[05:47]  Noctis Aura chuckles and nods”Well,nice to meet you good man.I’m sure you’ll have a lot of work in Ar”smiles polite and stops as the two man speaks

[05:47]  Etienne Adonicus dipped his head to the rarius “I wish you well, good man … business calls.”

[05:48]  Etienne Adonicus pointed to a chair “Please sit.” he offered in a pitched voice … “I am sure one of my many slaves will serve us something while we discuss business.” he took a scroll from his belt and handed it over “I was told to see you about this.”

[05:50]  David Girilius: David scans the scroll quickly, his lips moving silently as he reads. “She is mistaken.” The words are curt, not unkind, but simply tired. “I deal with labor disputes – if you seek to register a business formally, I believe you would speak with Xamirus Mannix, the Minister of Commerce. I deal with regulation of pay, hours, if the butcher gave you a shit cut of tarsk…” He manages a low, weak laugh. “That sort of thing. I should say I’m traveling the next few… while. But if you send word to Xamirus, he will know how to find me.”

[05:53]  Etienne Adonicus ponders on it “Hmmm … I am not used to the Scribe Julia to give false information, but I see where you come from.” he chuckles “Well as I do work on my appearance and have to live of it I do not eat meat. Bad for my skin.” he explained “but thankfully none have crossed me yet.” he chuckles devious. “I will see this Xamirus.” he concluded on the topic at hand. “Traveling ? Hmm what a shame since I had hope you would make me a sealring. For some reason I lost mine a few moons back. I can guess it trapped in some wig.”

[05:55]  David Girilius: David drew in a breath, held it for a few moments, and exhaled, slowly, nodding. “I will be working while I travel, but my apprentices are quite good, and my mother, Moira, is a skilled jeweler. If you see any of them – all dark of hair, all shor… ah, compact, as am I – they will be able to assist you. Hope, Moira, and Lusira, and my errant brother Molokh, wherever he’s gotten off to.” He moves quickly around etienne, and lifts a hand in farewell. “I wish you well, Etienne,” he says, trying to be as warm as possible. With a quick shrug, he heads back into the dark alley.

[05:57]  Etienne Adonicus nodded taking the words to memory. He felt pretty naked without his ring. “I will see them !” he called out after him. “I wish you well on your travels good man … and do not forget … Beauty is the art !!” with that he watched himself in the mirror again to see if his mustache needed to be trimmed.


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