A slap


[06:08]  Ucheshi had ventured to the market,having to pick up the groceries ordered for the Slaver’s house.It was fairly quiet so early inthe morning,people recovering from the night before no doubt.The stones were still cool from the night’s chill and felt good on the bottoms of her bare feet.Uche mused about a few things as she paced down the stalls,examining the varied fruits,trying to choose the freshest ones visually before making request of purchase.She glanced at the colorfulcurtain not too far away,looking at it a long moment,pondering what new vendor had arrived

[06:10]  Etienne Adonicus opened the curtain with grandeur and peeked out to see if any of the women were already lined up. “Girls girls … no need to push.” he cautioned several when his eyes fall upon the slave that stared at the curtain or him … he wasn’t sure. “Approach slave.” he tells her.

[06:11]  Ucheshi was startled ,not realizing she stood frozen staring..her cheeks flushed slightly as she put down the fruit and stammered “Yes Master” He looks quite grand,dressed like no other she had ever seen,she approached with eyes reflecting her amazement

[06:13]  Etienne Adonicus snapped his fingers so the girl could stand before him. The high heels made crouching quite an adventure he had learned. “By the Priest Kings and Odin who did your hair ?” he asks with a high pitched voice. He instantly took a pair of scissors in his hand and seemed the threat already with a haircut.

[06:15]  Ucheshi knelt on the cool stones, her jaw slackened a bit as she looked to him and beyond into the fancy store..she quickly closed her gaping yaw and lowered her eyes.Uche’s voice,as always was colored with the disticnt accent of the Peoples of the Turian plains,her hand went up atumatically to her hair..ithad grown quite a lot since her trip to the walled city”A man..the one that brought me to this place Master..”again she lowered her eyes now did fully blush ,looking to himbriefly with a spark of fire reflecting in her eyes”It has grown since,Master”,a hand remained trying to pull a few locks as if by magic it would make it grow

[06:19]  Etienne Adonicus gave the girl a critical look “Well the man had little understanding of value, slave.” he tells her while he cupped her chin and seemed to level her bang a little. Instantly it seemed to allow her eyes come much better out in her features. The women that were waiting gasped while they watched his magic. He canted his head a little to have all kind of angles on the girls face and than sighs “Tut tut tut. Truly … your owner should be notified. There are these days lotions to have it grow.”

[06:22]  Ucheshi had stood as commanded,her eyes watching the scissors,eyes bouncing to his hat and the scissors and back again,her eyebrows shot up as he had quickly cut some hair over her eyes.Uche huffed thru pursed lips to make the bits that fell upon them cause to fly off …she reflexively smoothesd hair from the other side of her face and stared at him with …disbelief perhaps”Did that happen to You Master? ,someone cut your hair wrong?”her eyes stayed fixed to his cap…it was a great hat,dont get her wrong,but his head was covered and she surmised it perhaps was from amishap of someones knife or the scissors he now held…she added as an afterthought,somewhat getting her mind back”Thank You Master?”

[06:26]  Etienne Adonicus perked a well pedicured brow and looks at the girl as if she just made water burn “Oh by the Priest Kings no – slave.” he hears some of the women sniffle bhind him some were even holding their breath in fear the slave would be slapped or beaten by her rather direct question. “My hair is sculpted very nicely but when I work I do not want it in my eyes, girl.” he chuckles and shook his head “Such a devalued slave you are with such wild and uncut hair.” he tells her. “Your owner must be some peasent from the plains that doesn’t know what is fashion. Tell me who is it ?” he pressed her to speak.

[06:30]  Ucheshi shot a daring glance to the sniggering women fawning around him and oddly rather than feeling ashamed ,Uche stood a bit taller and prouder,swishing her hair back and forth in a quick movement as if it has been a great mane of envy to any other,the triacle hair tickling the breadth of her shouders..the girl spoke as if she were perhaps a high slave impervious to any insults or disparing looks from the others,she was afterall a slave from the wagons and was not shy by any means,unless the occasion called for it..this did not seem one of them”My previous ower was Master..I was stolen in the night to repay a debt owned to Master Arriaga the Schendi slaver in town,He has a house here,if You have not met yet?”

[06:31]  Ucheshi: disparaging*)

[06:31]  Ucheshi: stolen in the night from under a wagon*)

[06:34]  Etienne Adonicus nodded as he understood that the slave hadn’t been bred for beauty. In his view the girl lacked a certain finesse when it came to it. But no slave couldn’t be helped in that department if their owners had the coin to spare. “I have not met the slaver but it is time he does meet me. Clearly you will not bring that much on an auction if you remain this way.” he shook again his head “Oh la la … truly … what a shame … But tell him girl a couple of silvers would make his entire stock much more appealing.” he glanced to the ladies in line behind him. “Don’t you agree girls ?” he called them just as much girls as he did slaves and because of his charm and talent they allowed him such. “Ensure that the man learns of it, slave.” he tells the girl. The women were anxious to get into the salon and when one of his employers called up the first the woman cried her pleasure and passed him to head into the salon.

[06:38]  Ucheshi listeend and leaned in a bit glancing to the pictures on his walls of elaborate hairstyles,and of course her gaze went to the woman lined up all a tittering when he called them girls..Uche furrowed her brows a bit and looked to him and laughed quickly briefly before she spoke”Yes Master of course…do You have experience with hair of girls from SCehendi and the inner jungles? Tis what my Master specializes in,it is quite different hair to style”she again looked at all around with disbelief and utter amazement,She only knew women in teh city that wore fullrobes of concealment,and the other Free Women she knew were dour,with two braids down thier backs wearing pretty much..sack cloths..she asked him quietly as if telling him a secret”are these woman Slaves Master?” she gestured to the seeming thong of women waiting,she could not imagine Free woman with such elaborate hairstyles as those in the pictures

[06:44]  Etienne Adonicus now slapped the girl across her face – the slap was far from hard. He didn’t own the strength. “You watch your tongue, slave. To offend my clientele isn’t something I take lightly. ” the fact he called them so was one thing but a slave to suggest it another. The girl was in luck that he himself wasn’t one of the brutes or she might have been in worse shape because of her bold remarks. “First – beast ” and it became clear he wasn’t quite taken by her -game of words – which was quite unique. The man was known to be kind and charming to any women “I have been all over Gor because of my skill. Do not dare to question if I have it since I have been in any region of this planet to see that there was style and fashion. Braided hair or the structure of the hair of that region is well known to me just as the structure of the hair in the high North.” he than shook his head wondering why he even explained himself to the girl that clearly was taking the oppertunity to put the women in line up and in arms.

[06:48]  Ucheshi avoided a trail of spoittle that came her way from the passing woman..stepping lightly to void it and paid no attention to the disparaging remarks of others..tthe slap turned her face,but it did not do more than sting..she felt the heat of it on her face and boldly looked at him”It was an honest question Master,You know of your fame and fortune ,a beast does not and for that she begs mercy and forgivness,a girl knows only slaves vain enough to try to look ..pretty..and thanks you for an education this day Master,my Master will be informed of your skills”she said thatlast part like it would be a cold day in the city of dust if she told him,but too she was irked and would of course inform him of this chance meeting and the odd FW that stood in line to feed their vainty

[06:54]  Etienne Adonicus felt himself now pushed. The women in the shop and line would expect him to deal adequate with the slave that in her so called honesty even insulted the women further. “Your tongue is far from pleasing and your judgment very unbecoming.” he tells her. “I would have whipped you senseless if it weren’t for the fact that you are a waste of my time. I do not know what kind of slaver would want his slaves out in the streets that dare to insult the women of Ar in such a manner.” his voice became more in anger something that was quite rare for him. “You will go to your owner and tell him that you here in public have offended any women of Ar. Tell him that in you so called innocence you have played coy and ignorant while I doubt you truly are. You insolent sleen.” he again slapped her and this time there seemed to be more force in the slap – perhaps because she had managed to get him angry. He could have just cut her hair, but there was no bone in his body that wished to compensate the slaver for such a low beas

[06:59]  Ucheshi again only turned her face as the slp struck her,her cheek redened,she was livid,her questions honest and obviously making the truth of the questions glaringly obvious…she kowtowed to him and said clearly “as it pleases You Master it shall be done..”and with that,she turned and bowed her head the ladies in line as they tittered and spoke to each other with enormous satisfaction that the Hairdresser acted as he had. Uche made her way back into the market to pruchase the morning groceries..the slaves there giving her appreciate looks,however sneakily they did and some gave her looks of disproval,thos that over heard..Uche cared not..he knew what she knew..and even tho this sicty like a foreign country to her,.she knew her thruths..before departing back she did wish all the free well and thanked the Hairdresser again for instructing her

[07:01]  Etienne Adonicus shook his head at the insolence beast and muttered something about the training of slaves and their looks before he would sent his own slave to see that the woman was served some fine wine while they could debate what needed to be done. The curtain closed so the woman could unveil herself without any curious spectaters.


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