Word travels


[03:25]  Faye Darkbyrd shrugged her sholders some “We were once close.. but no longer.. He has fallen into ill favor with the house, Drevan has made it clear i am to keep distance, and David is lost caste..” she sighed gently “Aye, from the stories I hae heard he killed the assassin, but I havnt heard much in detail or looked much into the matter.. been so busy resting and studying.. and making sure that man doesnt go hurting himself running after slaves..” she chuckled some

[03:27]  Lady Stela Razi gave a lopsided grin under her viel. “Well its good to hear he is feeling well enough to be himself then. ” She looked around once more and wondered aloud, ‘Have ou seen Micah today?”

[03:28]  Etienne Adonicus entered what he believed to be some kind of clinic. The buzzes that proceeded him were of his fame – the way he wore his fur coat and all kind of fashion statements. When he entered he glanced about himself and perked a brow at the words mentioned. Soon – he would know all of it – that was certain. Women loved to chat during his – special treatments. “Tal there !” he offered gallantly “I hope I do not interupt anything important…. And what an addorable dress !” he says to Stela. The compliment seemed to be sincere.

[03:31]  Faye Darkbyrd shook her head “Not seen him yet today, been held up in my room most the day but—” she cut off suddenly seeing the figure entering through the large doors, her eyes grew a bit wider, then a snicker following as she looked the outfit over “Ah.. t-tal.. Sir..” she managed giving a light tilt of her head in his direction “Goodness, that is quite a coat, what sort of fur is that?” she began off, her merchant side tugging at her beore she shook her head “Ah.. can I be of any service Sir?” she added quickly, her discussion with stela briefly forgotten.

[03:32]  Lady Stela Razi turned towards the voice and arched a cruious brow, ‘Goodness!” she exclaimed before having a chance to censor herself. With a wince she bowed her head,’Greeings sir, and thank you.” she offered while looking down at her new dress, ‘I had it made in Thentis.”

[03:34]  Etienne Adonicus chuckles at Faye while he brushed his hand over his coat. “Ah good taste !” he complimented “This one was made of tails of squirels. Handtailored by a good aquintance.” he shared. It wouldn’t be a first that in the next hand more would have such a coat if they could afford it. He turns back to Stela “And finally an updo .. ” he turned to Faye “No offence girl – but why hide hair when you can do so much with it, hmmm….” the way he spoke might be offending and yet there was this certain charme about it. There was no ill intent at all. The high heeled boots to make him look taller. “Adorable … that dress … although with your complexion a little colour on the cheeks and it would be perfect. I have opened a shop … see me for some advise.” he suggests – still not coming to the point why he was here.

[03:38]  Faye Darkbyrd reached a hand up to touch her cowl and chuckled “ONe hides the hair when she wakes up to having slept wrong on it Sir.” she joked lightly explaining herself. After a long moment she finally jumped more to attention “Ah, a merhant of sorts? And what shop sir, may I ask, do you own? Hard to stop by if one knows not the shop nor the name of the owner.” she smiled beneath the veils

[03:40]  Lady Stela Razi reached up as well to check her hair.. having just had a bit of … and accident with it, she had to now wear it as tightly bound as possible. But the news of a new shop! This made her eyes dance, ‘Yes, indeed, tell us. I lost my old seamstress and now have to travel out of the city to find something that no one else has.” she pulled a face now because it was quite a drag having to travel with escorts adn such.

[03:42]  Etienne Adonicus looked in shock to Faye – as if the mere question was an insult “What kind of shop ?!” he echo’d “I am Etienne – The Etienne well known to be the Gor Famous expert when it comes to beauty !” he exclaims. He moved towards Stela and asked “Allow me.” he reached to her chin to lift her face if she would allow him. In his other hand a little brush “This from the Tahari region. A mixture of the fine sand and pigments.” he explained and brushed it lightly just above the rim of her veil “There see ! Much better.” he than nodded to her “Oh yes it is hard to find the right people, but if you need any of my connections I am more than willing to help.” he offered graciously “Really … I have walked in Ar and can only imagine I came not a day to soon. Truly … ” again he turned to Faye “even for such there is an antidote if you fear your hair to be ruined by a hard time sleep.”

[03:47]  Faye Darkbyrd typically was not one to care so for looks and fashions hiding so behind her cowls and veils most days, but she found it quite curious watching him helping out stela “Hmm, I am sure could always use something new to spend my time and fortunes upon .” she chuckled a bit “it is good to hear more buisness here in Ar, welcome great Etinne.”

[03:47]  Lady Stela Razi was a bit overwhelmed by his presence, and then he was touching her face! Stela stammered a bit, but vain little thing that she was, he was allowed to do what he needed, ‘Oh! You have connections?! Please I must see you soon then. The last seamstress promised unique designs and I see handfull of women wearing the same dress.” she was still angry about this and it showed in her newly colored but contored face

[03:51] Etienne Adonicus bowed deeply as if he was some prince in a fairytale “Ahh most gracious !” he replied whie he smiled. He turned to Stela “Oh that is so much better and that hair .. really it could use some nice combs perhaps some gems.” he narrowed his eyes as if he already was seeing how it would turn out. “But girls please … feel free to visit at any time. I have opened up just opposite of the perfumer. I couldn’t have asked for a better location. The smell of it exquisite.” he tells. “But be aware at times lines form so if you wish to be certain to have a spot find my secretary and make an appointment.” he nodded to Stela “I know … I myself often think I am unique and the next hand I have to find something else to stand out …” he chuckles at that. “As to the restless evenings of sleep, a silken pillow will keep your hair unharmed. I use it always.” he suggests. He was many things, but he was also generous with his advise and compliments.

[03:55]  Faye Darkbyrd listened on quite attentiely.. As odd as she had found the man, he was quite good with his words, she couldn’t help but look and listen on. “Hmm, sounds like you shall do quite well here in Ar hehe.. I shall be sure to stop in to see what further advise you might have for a lady such as myself Sir.” she chuckled softly fidgeting with the hem of her cowl a moment and the few firey strands of hair there. “Silk pillow.. hmm.. Shall look into that, quite kind Sir.” she smiled toward him behind her veils

[03:57]  Lady Stela Razi was totally sucked in. Had it not been for all the money she managed to find in her gaurdians, Stela might have died over her addictions to luxuries. “Oh.. a silken pillow… how decadent. That must feel so lovely?’ she looked over at Faye now, ‘We should get one. ” Then back at Etienne, ‘Could you order us two?

[03:59]  Etienne Adonicus nodded towards Faye “I always say – You don’t want to be found with holes in your underwear … so why would you want to be found with a bad hairdo when you have my talent nearby, hmmm.” with that he grins and shook his head “Ah … no I nearly forgot as to why I am here. ” he laughs good humoured and as ever pleasent “I often use dye and use a salve to protect the skin when I work on it. Now since much of my belongings are still in boxes I had hope to find some of it here, could you assist ?” he asks Faye. He turns to Stela “Of course, girl. I will have my slave see to it. I believe I have some silk somewhere she can sew them and have vulofeathers in them. Really so soft like a little babies skin.” he fluttered his lashes as if the mere thought of planting his own head in them was quite tempting even now.

[04:05] Faye Darkbyrd couldn’t help but giggle some at Stela’s words “We are lucky that both our houses fair so well in the city to afford such lexturies and not befall such issues as bad hair now..” she teased gently, but knew them both well off. Speak of sales brought her attention back more fully now. “Ah, of course Sir. I make many of my own salves here for various uses. Iv been working a few for more sensitive matters.. Hmm, let me see here..” she murmured to herself slowly rising from the seat she grumbled a bit, eager to soon be done with the growing within her. She moved over to the shelves looking through them. “Hmm, that pillow sounds quite nice.”

[04:07]  Narcizza Prizzani rode a sandy pelted, healthy young kaiila to the cylinder, claws scratching noisily at the pavement as they approached with a slow stride. She slipped down the side of the saddle as she arrived at her destination after a ride of one ahn and handed the bridle to a herder that came running at her side to take charge of the stabling of the beast. She murmured several instructions for feeding and watering the animal and patting dust off her skirt with gloved hands, walked into the cylinder.

[04:08]  Lady Stela Razi was off in thought while Faye tended to Etiennes’ salve needs. She could be heard now thinking aloud, ‘I could get one for each of them…” she mumbled partial names…” cah…irus… la… no no.. not her.. not yet…but david.. hmm” she counted off on her hand, and then exclaimed, I’ll take 4! I’ll send word to you on who to deliver the entire bill to, and who the pillows should be set to.” What a great evening!

[04:09]  Etienne Adonicus nodded to Faye “I truly recommend it and if you have your hair done it keeps it long neat. Silk doesn’t ruin it as it is very smooth.” he replied he lifted his fingers to his lips “The salve need to smell nice too, since the dye when applied can be quite … how shall I say it … penetrant.” he smiled than and bowed again “Consider it done girls.” he offers graciously. “But please see my shop when you have the time. I can apply some colour here and there give some advise on hair and I am well known for the relaxing massages too. I do visit too since I can imagine that such might be more pleasent.” there seemed to be no hidden intent than to just offer his services.

[04:14]  Faye Darkbyrd hummed a bit to herself as she looked through various mixes a moment for one best suiting the need. She mixed a few of the minor batches, sniffing gently at it before nodding. “Not perfumer.. But it is not unpleasant.” she murmured out loud before she capped the jar and turned to return to the man holding it ou carefully to him. “Mmm, mssage sounds quite nice.” she admited with a light shiver at the thought of such a relaxing thing.

[04:16]  Narcizza Prizzani partially overheard the conversation as she stepped in, catching on words like ” hair, dye, massage” and perked her ears, her attention drawn by the trio who discussed. ” Tal sir, ladies. ” she offered casually at them, ” Am i hearing correct, monsieur is a hair stylist? ”

[04:18]  Etienne Adonicus took it from Faye and smelled it “Hmmm.. perhaps I can have the perfumer give it a try in making it smell better.” he mused and than smiled “What do I owe you girl … ” again there was only the man that was gifted with charm while he said so. His pouch on the belt was clearly filled with enough. His wealth was known too, but than again being asked to visit all over Gor to provide the latests fashion style wasn’t cheap. He was no falantropist. Even if he was generous there were limits. He turned to the new arrival “Ah … but of course !!! Etienne !! That is my.” he said while he bowed gallantly to her. He assumed her to know of his fame or name, his talent had been well known all over Gor. If one would make a comparison to Earth she faced the gaultier of Gor.

[04:20]  Faye Darkbyrd waved her hands in front of her “oh no no.. the advise was payment enough Sir, take it. I look forward to seeing your shop sometime to see to further improvements I must admit.. Not typically one to take advise from men of course.. But i see no reason us ladies must always hide under all the cowls and not enjoy outselves now and again with a ew improvements.” she nodded her ehad before looking to the new arrival “Ah, tal lady.”

[04:21]  Lady Stela Razi looked over with surprise at Lady Narcizza, forgetting her spontaneous shopping spree for the moment, ‘Lady! It has been quite a while since I’ve seen you.. Since your companioning to be exact” Her eyes studied the woman with no small aboutn of curiousity.

[04:24]  Narcizza Prizzani had heard of the man with moustache indeed and eyes shone brilliantly with recognition at his introduction. ” Well met Etienne, I’m looking forward to getting an appointment from you. Narcizza Prizzani, chemist. ” She replied and let her eyes wander on the scribe who arranged the details of her companionship contract, ” Indeed we haven’t met since then, lady Stela, was it? ” she continued, stretching her legs to rid herself of the uneasiness of her muscles after her kaiila sceance. ” I’ve had a daughter since then, the contract itself is coming to its end sooner that i’d believe. Might be, we renew. ”

[04:25] Etienne Adonicus chuckles “Indeed girl, why leave it only to slaves when we can look justas amazing eventhough of course more subtle would be aquired. I wouldn’t want anyone in steel because of my advise.” he said smoothly. It was the truth, he would loose clientele if that was the purpose but nothing of the kind was there. Still he believed that any woman was a slave by nature, he never spoke of it that openly. The mere fact he called them all girls, merely a way of speaking. He turned to Narcizza and said “tut tut tut. Girl with such a colour you should accent it a little … a comb here and perhaps a nice pin there.”he suggests while he encircled her. “Ah see … just what I say even for our companions we need to look our best.” he now spoke more quiet as if he shared a secret. “Did you ever hear about the Ubara of Venna … she bought almost all colours to express her mood to the Ubar. If she was to wear red in her make up he knew .. O la la.”

[04:28]  Lady Stela Razi tried to stifle a chuckle at the mans’ bawdiness and kept her focus on Narcizza, ‘Oh… David hadn’t mentioned the birth of the child. Congratulations. ” she inclined her head, ‘I hadn’t realized so much time had passed already. Renewal.. plese let me know i I can be of assistance with that.. or if the contract needs to be revised a bit.” she cleared her throat then adn looked over at Etienne. “I think I will come by to see you tomorrow if that is alregith sir. I have a list of thigns I would like to talk aobut.

[04:29]  Faye Darkbyrd raised a brow “A, the ubara of venna was a good woman, knew her for a time.. hehe, good to hear you know well your talents Si.. for now though i fear I must depart back to my room to better rest myself.” she sighed some, hesitant to leave such inteesting matters, but dozing on her feet she knew wasnt the best to do.. She tilited her ehad tot he group taking a few steps toward the steps “I wish you all a most splendid day. Thank you lady stela for stopping in, it was quite a nice change from the bore of paperwork.” she chuckled some

[04:30]  Etienne Adonicus nodded to Stela “Oh most welcome girl … Please do.” he replied to her visit. he turned to Faye “Thank you most for the salve and I wish you and yours well.” he bowed again gallantly. “I myself need to return too, can’t have my clients waiting.” with that he chuckled still much needed to be unpacked and lines were already before his shop.

[04:31]  Narcizza Prizzani chuckled at the potentially made-up anecdote of the hairdresser, eyes opening slightly as she heard him carelessly dare addressing to her as a “girl”, half a mind to reach to her whip, the thought vanishing just as swiftly when she determined the man to be an entertainer of sorts to begin with. ” I too, will stop by that shop of yours monsieur, once i learn where you are located. Wish you well, Stela.. Etienne. ”

[04:33]  Etienne Adonicus lifted his hand “Opposite of the perfumer.” he said while he turned to leave “You can’t miss it the sign shows it and I believe the colours do show it too.” with that he chuckled. He was flamboyant and his shop was a good reflection of it.

[04:34]  Lady Stela Razi took her cue to depart as well… it was late adn she had much to do before dawn broke, ‘I look forward to seeing you all soon. Especially you Etienne!” it was clear this was the start of a beautiful friendship.. or the stroke of the banker who would be piciking up the tab. Either way, Stela was thrilled over this new prospect. “Be wel all.”

[04:36]  Narcizza Prizzani grinned into the depths of her veil, considering getting a new haircut for her next meeting with the companion. She sharply whistled once she stepped out of the cylinder, all unlady-like, presenting a most unique scene to those who knew her habits. She climbed on the back of her kaiila and continued her morning round, taking a random direction without real cause.


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