The Salon Opens


[10:52]  Etienne Adonicus came down the stairs when word came that the salon was ready. He moved on his high heeled boots as if they were a second nature and places his hands on his hips. He turned to the flowers and arranged them a little before he would turn to Moon “Seems we are open for business, Moon.” he said while giving her a wink.

[10:56]  Etienne’s moon unfurled herself from the cat-like nap she had been taking while her Master was dealing with the shop and as her name would be spoken, a blue eye would reveal itself, arms stretching as plump rear would roll, bringing her into a somewhat leaning position across the floor. “Yes, that it looks like, my Master, but customers we must find if you are to make any monies.” not that she actually understood how important coins were, but they made her Master smile so it must be a good thing.

[10:59]  Etienne Adonicus chuckles and moved his hand to his lips where his fingers drum upon it. “Ah but girl, you didn’t hear it yet ?”he asks “The streets of Ar, buzz of the news I have returned. Be pleased that no lines are yet up the door. It won’t take long for it I can assure you.” he mused to her. “Lift the curtain, Moon. It is time for those that might pass by to see what is here hmmm..” he suggests while he stopped before the mirror to give himself a critical look.

[11:03]  Etienne’s moon brought herself to her feet, gaining balance and spinning about, how the fabric seemed to want to tangle between her legs and the ribbons she had laced upon them, she threw open the curtain and welcomed the day, smiling ever brightly as the moon she was named after. “The dazzling, stupendious, once in a lifetime opportunity shop of the one, the only my Master Etienne Adonicus is awaiting your arrival!” she called out to the city, “Become the beautiful woman or seductive man you’ve always wanted to be, why my Master’s fingers can create magic!” and then she spun back around with almost a cheeky grin, “Couldn’t help myself, my Master, I swear I couldn’t.” a giggle and she was moving to his side, awaiting the stampede that would surely arrive after such a call.

[11:06]  Etienne Adonicus clapped his hands together while he laughed in amusement “I couldn’t have said it better, Moon.” he replied between his laughter. “Now chop chop, have the tea ready and my scissors ready.” he was quite the nice fellow for slaves, Moon in particular as she represented some of his reputation. To know things that others rather kept a secret. She herself the living proof of it.

[11:09]  Etienne’s moon knew her life to be a blessing and surely it was for who could ask for such a wonderful Master and so handsome and skilled he was. “Yes my Master.” but tippy toes would bring lips to cheek in soft caress before off she went, the tiny bells on her bell singing song to her movements as she went to the tiny kitchen and set a pot of water to brew. “I am glad we came to the city you spoke of in your stories, my Master, such a grand place it is!”

[11:11]  Etienne Adonicus moved to the table to arrange all the things there “Ah yes … my own Home Stone … it has been way to long. The little walk proof of it, Moon. I doubt some ever paid a visit to some barber in the days I was gone. I met a man with hair as grey and long as yours and his beard one he could trip over.” with that he chuckled again “Poor woman if he has one.”

[11:14]  Etienne’s moon  found his special blend of herbal tea and poured a bit into the tea bag before slipping it into the water to seep, “Well then all of Ar should be in your debt! You are to save them from the…” a glance around before speaking “not so pretties walking about. How much did you desire to snip off his beard, my Master? Must have taken the might of the City’s army to stop your hand for reaching for the scissors.”

[11:17]  Etienne Adonicus repositions the chair when the first woman nearly fell into the shop “Ah please sit, girl.” he tells the woman that clearly was of a high caste. She of course spoke of his fame and talent. She gave him full permission to do with her hair what he wished. “I wanted to take all of it, Moon. A beard is clearly so before the Empire of Marlenus, such is of old days not of the now.” with that he chuckled again and turned to his client. “You have to remove the veils, girl. I can’t do it without seeing with what I am dealing with.” he said kindly. The woman slightly reluctant took out the pins to reveal her long locks of black hair. “Oh my goodness, girl. What did you do to have it like this straw ?!”



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